Asbestos Management in Somerset


Licensed Asbestos Removal Services

Roberts specialise in the removal of:

  • Full HSE-licensed asbestos
  • Notifiable non-licensed asbestos
  • Non-licensed asbestos
  • Our communicative and professional approach allows S Roberts & Son to provide our clients with the most practical innovative solutions. The challenges we face – be they commercial, domestic, technical or safety issues – have inspired our team to work closely with the HSE, and to use the latest technology available for safe asbestos removal.

    Asbestos Surveying

    Asbestos surveys effectively identify Asbestos Containing Materials (ACMs), helping you to manage and detect Asbestos. Surveys are a legal requirement under Reg. 4 of the CAR.

  • Management Surveys
  • A standard survey involving minor intrusions as required to survey the normal occupation & use of the building, ensuring continued management of ACMS in-situ.

  • Refurbishment & Demolition Survey
  • A fully intrusive survey with destructive inspection in order to gain access to all areas. This survey is required when the building or part of it is to be upgraded, refurbished or demolished.

  • Area & Single Room Surveys
  • We can carry out surveys on small areas such as loft spaces, boiler rooms, kitchens, gardens etc.

  • External Area Surveys
  • Some of our clients ask us to survey roofs, soffits, fascia boards and back gardens where asbestos can be buried.


    Asbestos Sampling

    At S Roberts & Son we offer an asbestos sampling service, whereby one of our surveyors come directly to you to take a specific sample of suspected asbestos containing material. This can vary from one sample – such as from a ceiling panel or soffit – to several items in a room or marked area. All of our samples are analysed by an independent UKAS-accredited analytical company. All sample results are then put onto a report form identifying the Asbestos Type and Product Type, confirming whether it is a licensed or non-licensed product.

    Asbestos Waste Collection

    We offer our asbestos waste collection and disposal services to clients throughout the South West.

  • Collection of Asbestos Waste
  • Roberts own Transfer Station
  • Waste Carriers License & WAMITAB
  • Completion of Consignment Note & Waste Transfer Notes
  • Waste Management Plans
  • Environmental Cleaning & Decontamination Services

    S Roberts & Son provides expert cleaning and decontamination services to give additional peace of mind to our clients, enabling safe re-occupation control of their premises. Environmental cleansing and decontamination of rooms, buildings and external areas.

    • Guano waste cleaning and disposal
    • Removal and disposal of contaminated soil
    • Removal of external textured/rendered coatings

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